Target Accomplice Matrixing

Target Accomplice Matrixing involves the probing of a target's connections. When a target has been verified (identified as a target) and acquired by the system, his mobile background can be monitored. This involves observing who the target has communicated with, from voice calls to SMS messages, and who those people have communicated with. 

Deeper layers of investigating a target can provide who the target called, who they called, in several layers down to outline a  hierarchy of 'friends' and 'accomplices'. This matrix to track conspirators can be used to trace who is communicated with more often, when the communication took place, where the communication took place (comparing the data collected with the location data) and more. The surveillance officer can conduct research after the communications took place, based on stored intercepted data, in order to trace connections back to the original target. 

This collection of probed data can then enhance link analysis and provide advanced intelligence collection actions for surveillance investigations.