When becoming a Reseller of HSS, you are representing our proprietary cellular intercept technologies. Audio interception and surveillance monitoring are core areas that an Authorized Reseller of HSS offers to Government clients. A Reseller must meet the requirements to legally acknowledge responsibility, with due diligence, in way of protecting our proprietary cellular intercept technologies and other HSS systems from being misrepresented.

HSS offers training, technical support, as well as End User support. With client protections in place, HSS has the professional experience to meet and satisfy end user system requirements, specifications, and operational concerns. Because not all Resellers are in a position to conduct technical explanations. Therefore, as a Reseller, HSS can offer pre-sales technical assistance on behalf of their clients. Not all security resellers wish to conduct demonstrations and technical reviews to clients. Our support team consists of dedicated operatives who engage end users with knowledgeable answers to difficult questions they may have.

Through the Security Business Opportunities division, HSS Resellers are well supported technically and in their sales and marketing endeavors.

Because Authorized Resellers devote the necessary time and energy marketing, the presentation of our security and surveillance technologies to new and existing markets always benefits with support to custom tailor solutions not always available; and because we are a systems solution engineering group, we can offer commitments based on current technology, and customized technology. We build to specification, be it from our design, or from your client requirements. Contact Us to get started.