Cellular Interception Workshop

The Cellular Interception Workshop is a two day briefing about the technology and methodology involved in cell phone monitoring, theory of interception, and demonstration facets for users and resellers of communications intelligence.

This workshop was designed as a training medium in order to meet the demand for the growing interest of cell phone monitoring, specialized intelligence, counterintelligence, and anti-terrorist management tools. Cellular Interception training will center on operation, tactical deployment, and case studies.
Key Topics & Sample Agenda are as follows:
  • Interception tactics A5.0, A5.1, A5.2
  • How to select optimal parameters / common pitfalls
  • Operational tactics
  • Deciphering techniques for cell phone monitoring
  • Solutions for overcoming encryption obstacles
  • Centralized & decentralized multiple area processing

Intercontinental monitoring solutions including:
  • Real time intelligence from massive telecom sources
  • Early terrorist detection through data mining
  • Screening, target profiling, and pattern analysis
As an addition or alternate to the workshop, HSS may show Government participants and their authorized vendors a live demonstration of cellular interception in order to exemplify proof of cellular acquisition principal in live environment.

Workshop Goals
The Cellular Interception Workshop is intended to educate the attendee during the workshop. During the workshop, instructors examine the issues involved in Cellular Interception and cell phone monitoring.

Instructors will identify the problems and solutions, clarifying the complexities associated with Cell Phone Monitoring.  Goals to inform and train are met with added aids such as full information packages that may contain the following programs:
  • How to capture on-air and off-air conversations (questions and answers included)
  • Visual Demonstration software or live demonstration examples that encompass scenarios and functions.
Full literature with detailed descriptions for:
  • Cell phone interception and communication
  • Universal Multi Channel Cell Interception
  • Multi-Channel, Single and Dual Band
  • Off-Air Signal Receiving and processing
  • Random and Target operations of a mobile intercept system

Workshop Attendees

People come from all over to learn more about Cellular Intercept technologies.
Question: Who Qualifies to attend a Cellular Interception Workshop?
Answer:   Government Users of COMINT and Government Representatives, specifically:
  • Government & Military Officials
  • Government Contractors
  • Foreign Dignitaries
  • Law Enforcement Agents
  • Anti-terrorist Professionals
Attendees must provide proof of Government representation.

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